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The quality of caretaking is the quality of life
In Germany there are approximately 2.2 million persons who need medical care. 1.5 million of them receive assistance at home (out-patient), and 700 000 in caretaking centers (in-patient). These persons must receive care depending on their needs for personal assistance and the necessities according to the present level of knowledge in the medical field and in caretaking. The caretaking standards are to be found in the Act concerning health care and in the contracts that have been concluded based on these standards. The medical department verifies by unannounced visits if these quality requirements are truly met.

Verifying the in-patient units and the out-patient care services
The medical department verifies the quality of the health care in the in-patient centers and for the out-patient caretaking services. The services offered by the caretaking services and their quality are evaluated by grades and the results are published on the Internet and displayed at the caretaking centers. The conventions concerning transparency establish the criteria concerning their verification and publishing.

The verification criteria which enable the measurement of quality
There are several principles to follow for high quality caretaking. During the verification MDK verifies, among others, the satisfaction of one of the parties of the insured. Beside this, one also verifies the physical condition of the insured in order to draw conclusions on the quality of caretaking.

We mention for you a list of criteria which are taken into consideration during a verification of the out-patient care:

  • What is the care condition of the client or the nursed person? In order to assess this, the MDK employees check, among other things, the condition of the skin and the nourishment of the nursed person and verify the incontinence products that are used.
  • Are the established services concerning feeding performed?
  • In case of nourishment deficiency, is the nursed person or his/ her family informed on the steps to be taken?
  • In case of incontinence, are the concerned persons advised on the necessary measures to be taken?
  • Is the administrated medication in accordance with the doctor’s prescriptions?
  • Are wounds well taken care of, in line with the present day technology?
  • Before starting the services, does the nursed person receive an estimate concerning the costs?
  • Is the caretaking department always available for the nursed person?
  • Is there a proper hygiene management in the care unit and are the most important rules observed, such as hands washing?
  • Are all the employees involved in continuous training?
  • The results of quality assessment in the care unit can be found on the website www.pflegenoten.de www.pflegenoten.de

    The results of the quality assessment

    • Assessment 2017 - Note 1.0100%
    • Assessment 2016 - Note 1.198%
    • Assessment 2015 - Note 1.0100%
    Quality assessment 2017 – very good (1.0)

    Quality assessment 2017 – very good (1.0)

    The results of the quality assessment at the company Kaisermann GmbH Frankfurt 2017

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